Veneta PALS Meeting Minutes


The meeting minutes are intended for attendees and non-attendees alike to serve as an accounting of actions taken and decisions made at PALS meetings. At every PALS meeting, the prior months' minutes are read and either approved as read, or approved with corrections by members in attendance; until the minutes are officially approved, however, they are considered a draft. Current and past minutes within the current school year are available for review by following the link. To review minutes from prior school years, please submit a request to PALS.


The treasurer's reports are a monthly accounting of PALS' financial transactions. Treasurer's reports are presented at monthly meetings, but do not require attendee approval. Current and past reports within the current school year are available for review by following the link. To review reports from prior school years, please submit a request to PALS.



SOPs are manuals for PALS events and fundraisers which will detail every aspect of planning from pre-to-post event. They are being created to ease the job of committee members, and ensure that nothing is overlooked along the way. SOP access will be reserved for committee members.

**SOP manuals are still under construction** 

Robert's Rules of Order for Veneta PALS


In order to keep our meetings focused and on track, PALS has adopted the use of Robert's Rules of Order. Based on parliamentary procedures, they serve as a well-established guide created to streamline meetings and the decision making process for groups of people.

Veneta PALS agenda.jpg


The meeting agenda is a detailed list of items that will be covered at the upcoming meeting. The purpose of the agenda is to set clear expectations for attendees, and maintain meeting focus. If you wish to include a line item on the agenda, please contact PALS no less than seven days prior to the meeting at which you intend to speak. Items not specifically included on the agenda will be limited to the time allotted for new business and/or the time remaining. The current agenda link will be made available at least one day prior to a scheduled meeting. 


Committee reports, when applicable, are informal, verbal, appraisals presented at monthly meetings, the actions of which are recorded in the meeting minutes. Committee reports detail current project status to the group and are presented by committee chairmen. If a chairman is unable to attend, an alternative presenter shall be designated. 

Veneta PALS bylaws.jpg


Our bylaws were established at the time PALS was granted 501(c)(3) status, and serve as a rule book within our organization. Considered a legal document they govern fundamental PALS operations. Everything from meeting organization to voting procedures are outlined within the bylaws.

**Bylaws are not exempt from amendment**


Veneta PAL Forms


As with any organization --we have paperwork. We utilize forms to help us gather, consolidate, and organize information. Handouts help us disseminate information. PALS provides online accessibility for your convenience. You may return completed forms to the VES office, or to PALS meetings. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the forms/handouts available online!


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