New playground equipment and refurbishing the track are big-ticket items that PALS has proudly contributed in the past. Improvements such as these directly benefit our students in obvious ways such as providing safe areas for students to play that encourage healthy and active lifestyles. 


At PALS, we know that when people are recognized and appreciated for their efforts they inherently do their best. It's that best effort from everyone connected to our school that indirectly benefits our students --which is why PALS makes a point of organizing appreciation events.

Working together! Turning bright ideas into

brilliant actions so our school & our students can shine. 


Parent Action League for Students (PALS) is responsible for organizing multiple projects throughout the school year. Whether those projects are fundraisers designed to raise revenue, or events designed to boost the morale of our students & school staff --PALS always has something on the horizon. 


As a registered 501(c)(3), regardless of whether we've raised twenty dollars at the student store, two hundred at the dance, or twenty thousand at the auction, PALS channels all of its proceeds back into our school for the direct (and indirect) benefit of our students. 



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